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This little darling is close to my heart.  She’s my husband’s youngest niece.  Miss A has an older sister who just adores her. The two are a sweet little pair.

Miss A has beautiful brown eyes and quite the personality – a bit like her Dad!  We did her first birthday photos in her pretty little tu tu and then stripped her down to a diaper cover and pearls!

This was a quick birthday shoot because she wasn’t quite feeling like herself.  I think we got some pretty cute shots.

A lot of times parents try to have kids look at the camera so we can get the child looking directly at me or at my camera.  But sometimes, I just love how leaving them alone and capturing them play with something that intrigues them (in this case pearls), can just make a beautiful, quiet photo.


Happy Cake Day Miss A. We Love you! kids

This is Bella.  Also known to her Momma and Daddy as Bella Bee.


Bella’s parents have been coming to me for the last 6 years.  I met Jess at a prenatal fitness class she was attending.  We hit it off and I’ve been capturing her beautiful family ever since. Bella’s family is one of my loyal clients.  Her older sisters call me auntie Zelia (I love it).  I’ve captured Jess’ belly with Mia, then her 4 girls (that’s right FOUR), at the newborn stage, the 6 months stage and at one year.

This family chatted about me on the way to the new studio.  They came from an hour away.  While they drove Dad realized this was the last photo shoot they had planned!  When will we see Zelia again? It brought tears to my eyes at the thought that there were no more babies for this family and our regular yearly photos were finished.  I’ve suggested we do yearly family pics so we can see each other because everyone was so disappointed in the thought of “being done”.

Here are Bella Bee’s 1 year photos.  She, like 3 of her other sisters, was not impressed by the cake!



Happy Birthday Bella!!