What to Wear

Clothing for a a photo session is more important than most people think. I lean more towards classic dress vs trendy. Remember the nice pants from the 70’s? Not so cool 30 years later!

When dressing or finding outfits for your session keep a few things in mind. Colours: You want your colors to coordinate. They don’t need to necessarily all be the same colour but have them compliment. For example adults in dark blue shirts and kids in light blue. All matching is fine too, if you like that. Variations of the same colour work well as well. Keep patterns to a minimum – everyone in a pattern makes for a very busy photo! Classic sets will be loved forever. Blue jeans: (make sure they are in same blue family) and a nice dress shirt are always classic with a touch of casual. Skirts are pretty for women – but make sure you can sit on the ground with them. Socks: my personal pet peeve is white socks. They stand out like a sore thumb! Fun coloured socks or black socks are best! Shoes: No runners please. A nice casual/dress trendy shoe is best.


For Maternity Sessions, bring a shirt that is button down in the front – doesn’t have to be maternity, it can be a before pregnancy shirt. Wear your undergarments loose and under belly the day of your shoot so that we don’t have lines on your belly and around the top. Make sure you bring your favorite outfit – it is something you want a few shots in for keepsakes.

For Newborn Sessions, bring one outfit that you might want your child photographed in. Most of the newborn session will be in the nude. Most clothes don’t fit your newborn properly and can look frumpy.

For Head Shots, bring a few changes of clothing – clothing you are comfortable in and fits well. If something is too big, it will look frumpy and also make you look larger.

I can certainly help you pick out clothing. If you need help please don’t hesitate to ask!