Master D was the sweetest little guy.  A head full of jet black hair, beautiful tanned skin and such a relaxed personality.


I met Master D’s mom a few years ago when she was pregnant with her beautiful little girl.  When Momma contacted me to ask me if I would be willing to drive to Guelph, I was more than thrilled.  The email came in the Master D had arrived and was a beautiful 7 lb baby boy!


Master D was swaddled in a little blanket and fast asleep when I arrived.  As per usual we stripped him down to his birthday suit.  Momma and Daddy stated I was pretty brave.  And although I usually do get “sprinkled” on, I’ve never had it happen BEFORE I shoot!  I was having my moment of cuddles with Master D, when I felt the warm fluid flow down my white clean shirt.  Everyone had a good giggle!


Master D has the silkiest jet black hair!  Surprisingly enough, Momma didn’t have much heartburn.  He was the most relaxed baby too!  Half the time I didn’t have to hold his hands down on his chest.  Most of the photos of his hands together were set up by HIM!  I love a relaxed baby!  He was awesome to photograph!


His sister was eager to hold him and we got quite a few photos of the proud big sister with her little brother!  Sweetness!!

 newborn photography

Thank you Momma and Daddy for allowing me to capture your sweet little man. It was wonderful seeing you again and seeing the sparkle in your eyes as you talked about your growing family.