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This little darling is close to my heart.  She’s my husband’s youngest niece.  Miss A has an older sister who just adores her. The two are a sweet little pair.

Miss A has beautiful brown eyes and quite the personality – a bit like her Dad!  We did her first birthday photos in her pretty little tu tu and then stripped her down to a diaper cover and pearls!

This was a quick birthday shoot because she wasn’t quite feeling like herself.  I think we got some pretty cute shots.

A lot of times parents try to have kids look at the camera so we can get the child looking directly at me or at my camera.  But sometimes, I just love how leaving them alone and capturing them play with something that intrigues them (in this case pearls), can just make a beautiful, quiet photo.


Happy Cake Day Miss A. We Love you! kids

I have 3 little boys of my own and a step son. My household has A LOT of testosterone!  Those who know me, know I’m a girlie girl.  If I had a baby girl I would spend a lot of money on pretty dresses and hair pieces. She would go to ballet classes and wear lots of pink.  So needless to say, when I know I’m going to photograph a little girl, I get a little bit excited!! newborns

Miss Seraphina has 3 older siblings.  A sister and twin brothers.  Momma has her hands full.  The day that I went to Kitchener to meet her Momma warned me that she had very little sleep.  This wee one just wanted to eat every single hour!  Sigh, I don’t miss those days!  I told Momma to go take a nap if she wanted and leave her little sweetheart with me.  She proved to still be hungry and gave us a little bit of stress at the beginning of her shoot.  So we fed her, and fed her some more, and some more….and finally she fell asleep! newborns

She was so easy to work with once we got her to sleep. I was able to use some of my new props and some of my older ones too.  Here is a headband one of my clients gave me a few years ago, I finally found a blanket to match it. newborns

We had a wonderful session and we got some great shots.  Thank you Mom and Dad for choosing me to capture your sweet new addition. I hope you are getting a little more sleep. She just can’t miss out on all the action of her siblings newborns newborns newborns newborns newborns

Look at those sweet little lips!  Sigh! newborns

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